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yesterday, i traveled approximately 40 minutes and found a publix…the closest one to my small town.  you would have thought i found a Whole Foods store.  i went minorly berzerk.  yes, i brought a cooler with me in the car in case i had to carry back some precious cargo.  and it was the case.  check out my loot:

they had real *WILD* salmon.  not the horrible farmed kind (in which they’re fed CoRn).  obviously, it’s more expensive.  however, i recognize that i’m paying more because i’m getting more nutrition and i’m supporting fishing instead of mass farming.  and because i pay more, i make sure i eat every bit 🙂

they also had grass-fed ground beef!!  it also came organic, but i didn’t buy it because it was just WAY too expensive.  i’m going to have to work out a plan so i’ll be prepared to buy it organic in the future.  apparently, living healthy also makes me more creative and frugal.  for now, i bought 3 pounds of the non-organic grass-fed beef 🙂

and then i found my beloved stonyfield organic yogurt made with WHOLE MILK!! none of this zero fat or low fat nonsense.  when you get rid of sugar, you need to eat full healthy fat to keep satisfied.  and i’m not going to even get into what amazing feats fat performs in our bodies.  sugar? nada, no nutritional value.  even worse, it acts like a poison.  i’m literally treating this yogurt like gold.

and here we have my much coveted almond butter.  i eat peanut butter multiple times a day…on everything, even a spoon.  but i have been hard pressed to find almond butter at my local grocery store.  i should say REAL almond butter, because my local store has almond butter full of sugar and hydrogenated oils…gross.  i found this variety which has an ingredient listing of ALMONDS and SALT.  please and thank you.

and last but not least, wine!  i’m slowly becoming a wine lover…my tastes are developing.  i’m moving from whites to reds.  the other night i had a glass of MacMurray Ranch Pinot Noir at a restaurant and loooved it.  my palate has REALLY changed since i cleaned up my eating habits.  i used to think red wines tasted SO bitter but this Pinot Noir tasted like a glass full of berries.  it was so rich and smooth.  but it was one of the most expensive wines on the restaurant list so i knew i wouldn’t be able to find it at my local grocer.  but i *hoped* publix would have it.  this place cannot let a girl down 🙂

i also went to Target and found a much neglected dr. bronner’s section at the bottom of a cosmetics shelf.  i got the castile soap in almond (smells sooooo good) and 3 bottles of hand sanitizer (for those times i can’t get to soap and water) all the items were noted “temporary price cut” or “clearance”.  so a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do 🙂


delicious libations

last night i cooled things off before bed with a glass of pansy red wine–in a wine glass that was gifted by my college roommate Meredith on my 21st birthday.  which is also when i experienced (and practically gagged on) my first sip of wine/alcohol since i was uberly morally righteous back then (ok, maybe i still am, a little, but i am FAR less judgemental).

and this morning i began the day with a beautiful cup of coffee in my beautiful mug.  because when you have to start getting up before the sun, you should just drink coffee.

did you have a lovely morning?