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my go-to exercise is running.  hands down.  on a treadmill, preferably.  i think i must be the only person who likes burning up the hamster wheel, but there you go.

if hamsters had shoes...

somewhere sometime i read, heard, or smelled some information saying it is important to tone muscles (i.e. lift weights) because it helps make your bones strong.  also, muscle burns calories when you’re sedentary.  therefore, the more muscle you have, the more calories your body will burn while you’re lazy.

i gave myself a good 2 months or so to get into a good running routine (i’ve been doing about 5.5 miles a day).  but starting last week i incorporated a toning segment 2-3 days a week.  it’s metamorphosis by tracy anderson.  this is totally up my alley.  she boasts being able to “design” bodies and sculpt muscles so they’re long and lean instead of bulky.  she does this by requiring no more than 3 lb weights.  sold!  her workouts are super serious and her techniques are refreshing.  and she’s adorable!

my ball-and-chain is the complete opposite.  he will do nothing but lift weights and give the cold shoulder to any aerobic exercise.  i’ve made some headway.  he’s now up to 30 min of running before lifting <<success!!>>.  so, are you guilty of favoring one type of exercise?

i had a snack of this:

mmmm...avocado with coconut milk

and i made some chili in the crock pot and it was to die:

topped with cheese and avocado...EATEN

also, i’m leaving for tampa tomorrow for a 2 night vaca.  thanks be to God.