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ah, sugar, you beastly thing.

another doctor supporting what i’ve been uncovering in my search for information.  try to make it through the whole thing, you won’t regret it.  if you’re on the fence about nutrition, diet, and sugar, hopefully this will push you over the edge.  if you’ve never really thought about it hard before, hopefully this will make you question what you believe.  i see too many people hurting, frustrated, and unhappy when it’s easily fixed with knowledge.  and it frustrates and hurts me to know that people who don’t take charge of their health are ultimately hurting the people that love them.



more delicious libations

in an effort to rid my diet of all the excessive sugar i had unknowingly been consuming, i’ve been trying out different things with my liquid loves:

in the mornings i still have 2 cups of coffee 🙂

plain coffee with coconut milk

at night i’ve been drinking hot (whole & organic) milk (a la when you were a kid).  i heard a long time ago that it was a natural sleep aid.  and it’s got good belly-filling fat for those late night snack attacks.

heated milk with cinnamon and vanilla bean

i’ve always known that sugar is an important thing to cut out of our diets (the same with a lot of people, i bet), but nothing has struck me harder with cold truths than reading this: