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oatmeal–in your face!

i got so excited about my coconut oil revelation that i scoured the web last night to find foods i could use to cleanse my face.  i basically came up with an oatmeal and baking soda (wonder material again!) scrub/mask.  my attempt was meager.  most information i came across suggested ground oatmeal but it was late and i had already cleaned and shut down the kitchen for the night.  so i didn’t want to bring out my blender to pulverize some oatmeal.  i decided to use oatmeal with the smallest pieces, which is quick-cooking (and yes, i have quick-cooking, regular rolled, and steel cut).

in true granola girl fashion

i made a paste at the sink of a lil oatmeal, a lil baking soda, and some water.  then scrub scrub scrub.  it smelled great but kept falling off my face in chunks (you know, due to the chunky oatmeal) which was a little cumbersome and messy.  so today i’ll be pulverizing some oatmeal 🙂  my skin surprisingly felt incredibly clean afterwards and i was so excited to be doing something kind to my skin (and INEXPENSIVE).

but it doesn’t stop there!  as if i can’t tout it enough:  in deep nutrition dr. cate suggests that “as good as modern cosmetics may be, they lack the secret ingredient of their aboriginal counterparts:  probiotics.”  after finding some information that supports yogurt as a great face mask, i was completely convinced that the tub o’ probiotics in my fridge was going on my face.  and on it went and happy was i.

i CANNOT find full-fat yogurt in my's amazing i can even get organic

i believe the probiotics will also help with acne since these microbes work with our bodies to destroy bacteria that may cause us harm.  they want us healthy because it keeps them healthy 🙂  i think after a week of doing the oatmeal/baking soda/yogurt routine i’ll chuck the proactiv cleanser (so long as things keep going smoothly) and be completely free of those harsh synthetics.

it makes me shake my head to realize that the most beneficial things i can put on my skin were already sitting in my pantry and fridge.  no $60 spent on a special tube of something-or-other.  talk about multipurposeness!

i do want to point out that i believe this new face cleansing routine is working because i’m also eating a very whole, unprocessed, organic diet with lots of fats, grass-fed cage-free meats and eggs.  and also more veggies than i’ve ever consumed in my life and almost no sugar (basically i’m getting i wallop of nutrition i never got before).  only when i started noticing my skin behaving better from my diet did i dare venture to use natural ingredients on my face.

fyi:  coconut oil is an AWESOME makeup remover.

i made chicken stock all day yesterday and threw together a vegetable and chicken soup today

i also roasted tomatoes for 2 hours today and made this tomato caprese salad...tasted like CAN-DAY!