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one more thing on owls

since i’m on the topic.  i like how the world decided i deserved to have a little extra something at this time in my life.  i would like to give my deepest thanks for the following movie to be released on the 24th:

and i would like to give thanks for the discovery that this movie is indeed based on a series of novels.  of course, as if it couldn’t get any better.  even if they suck, you will still find them in my library:



in case you didn’t know i am obsessed with owls, i am obsessed with owls.  in fact, my bestie Brandi knows this so well that she regularly snatches up items for me having to do with these big-eyed birds.  i tried to find as many owls as i could in my house, but i know i didn’t get them all:

necklace #1

necklace #2

necklace wall hook

marshmallow lollipop?

from The Feathered Nest

from my sista

made by Brandi 🙂

candle holder from sista

from Brandi

trivet from Brandi

holds teabags

salt and pepper cuties

dear sista, thanks!

mailbox key

from Audrey 🙂

from Brandi

love Modcloth!

shirt #2