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vampires and ninja turtles

last night as everyone was eating my dust at the gym, i saw a preview for the Vampire Diaries!!!!!!!  and it said the premiere was tomorrow, which is TODAY!  obviously, i am not ashamed about this.  since i’ve been out of the tv world for months, i’ve completely lost track of when those few shows i like come back on.  so imagine my glee when the tv on my treadmill (of which i will have to take a picture because it makes me happy) informed me that today is the day!  talk about a hard balance to strike.  this show has so many things going against it but it manages to tiptoe along the precipice of disaster.  which lands it on the side of g-u-i-l-t-y p-l-e-a-s-u-r-e instead of epic fail.

elena's gorgeousness borders on obscene

in other news, i woke up to check facebook and my brother had a link on his page of a ninja turtles theme song remix.  which is just the most fantastic way to start your morning. enjoy!

what happynesses are you looking forward to?