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lol.  i don’t really believe in makeup but a little blush, mascara, and lip balm never hurt a girl.  i just bought maybelline’s falsies mascara tonight (and of course i tried it right when i got home).  i am already impressed.  i admit i was taken in by the commercial i saw a while ago.  it said it built up the tips of your lashes till they got really long (hence the falsies) and then the tips come off with soap and water.  and since it was on tv it must be true.  and the result…it’s pretty true and i’m satisfied!

this was just my first quick attempt.  i usually have to curl my lashes (like 10 times each) before applying mascara so they can be seen.  i didn’t even curl them with the falsies mascara and yet there they are.  it is slightly weird to see the tips grow abnormally long, but i’ll get used to it 🙂