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a little while back, tlmitw and i ate at the local Longhorn steakhouse.  as we were leaving we were greeted by a friendly kitten:

i can’t tell you how amazing this kitten was.  it behaved more like a dog.  it came right out and made a beeline for us.  and it didn’t give off the typical “i’m a cat and i’m being friendly just because i want selfish attention” vibe.  it came out, sat down in front of us and it was literally like it said “i just met you, but i love you” (like Doug from UP).  when we bent down to call to it, it popped up and came the rest of the way and pranced around us.  as we left, it followed us then sat down when it realized we weren’t coming back.  then it watched us drive away.  this cat was dangling from my heartstrings.  we named it longhorn.

so, the other day we went back to the restaurant and as we left, little longhorn came out to say hello again.  it let me take its picture (above) and posed like that until i could get my stupid camera working.  and i get that it could have been begging for scraps but not once did it give off an annoying begging meow like it was starving.  it was patient and its personality made it seem like it was saying “please tell me how your dinner went because all i want in the world is to hear you talk to me and see you look at me”.  i didn’t take it home because i’m a grown up like that.  <<head smack>>