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clothes for archimedes!

yes! archie now has the best set of clothes ever:


meet archimedes

fyi:  i was in atlanta for the last two days on a mini-break, hence my absence…so i feel a lot more posts coming when i have time.  in the meantime,  i would like to introduce the new love of my life:  archimedes (in the form of an amazon kindle)


i have officially downloaded my first book:  “i am number four” by pittacus lore.  and it has been VERY happy reading.  i can’t even describe the print on the screen.  i literally feel like there’s a clear removable film with writing on it and that any moment the screen will light up in the way of a normal computer screen…but it doesn’t, it just looks like regular print…ON A COMPUTER SCREEN.  i can’t seem to reconcile this.  it is so amazing how the ink works.

anyway, the navigation is easy and there are so many features available that can make a bookaholic skip on running just to become brain-fried from reading 🙂