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cruise control

yesterday i had to report to the office for a one hour training.  this had huge implications.  the major one being that i had to make the 2.5 hour trip to the site (and then i had to work the whole day there even though the training only lasted one hour).  then i had to make the trip back.  during my time on the road, i came to realize that i really love cruise control.  the trip i make is basically 2 roads that you just spend forever on while looking at cotton and cows.  i cruise practically the entire time…no kidding.  my ass will cruise at 40 mph and accelerate to 70 mph without even hitting the gas.  <<grateful>>  i’m even tempted to sit indian style, but perhaps that’s getting a little too comfortable?

fyi:  i work from home.


my job

i’d like to pay my respects to my job since today is my 5th anniversary.  practically every year past i’ve approached my anniversary with dread.  it has to do with that whole “i’m not proud of it, i’m better than this, i’m more educated than this, i’m not interested in this, there’s no redeeming qualities other than my paycheck…la la la”.

first of all, i work from home.  it’s legit.  i don’t sell vitamins or anything.  i work for a pharmacy benefit manager/mail order pharmacy and they simply let me do the things at home that i used to do on site.  basically, i answer emails from patients, clients, pharmacies, etc.  i’m purposefully being ambiguous because i deal with protected health information and i don’t want to provide any reason to get fired.  i’m not even going to name the company.  i’m that paranoid.

i have a sweet little setup in the corner of my spare bedroom.  all equipment (minus the chair and fabulous antique desk and frame) was provided courtesy of the company:

so, i’ve recently come down off my high horse to be able to show some appreciation for what i do.  true, it doesn’t require my degree.  and even a basic high school education will do.  but why have i let that blind me?  am i so self-centered to think that i am above it?  then why haven’t i done anything about it all this time?  i became clouded by thinking that i deserve to be able to do something that i truly love.  the thing is, i don’t think i really really know what that is–i have some idea, but that’s it.  and here’s the other thing:  i really really love blogging and reading and making youtube videos.  why in the world have i not come to appreciate that my line of work makes for ample time to do those things while still providing me with a paycheck?  i need to be knocked over the head by one of my books.

i always found it ridiculous when people never appreciated having a job i wished i had.  and i only started recognizing that people were wishing they had my job!  the freedom it gives!  hello!  so, i would just like to tell the universe how thankful i am that i can get up 5 minutes before logging in, not have to get ready, eat whenever i want, save gas, still hang out with tlmitw on his days off when i have to work, not be exhausted after getting off work, and all of the many many freedoms i have because of this job.  i would also like to point out that i’ve recently moved to a new town because tlmitw got a new job and my job still let me work from home.  not having to lose my paycheck and look for a new job in a new town is truly a blessing.  and to all those that think i have a good thing going and you’ve heard me gripe non-stop about it, i’m truly sorry.

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