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i believe having an active and healthy lifestyle encompasses much more than adding more vegetables to your diet and adding exercise to your daily routine.  for me, it includes lots of grocery shopping time, lots of prep work and cooking time, at least an hour of exercise time daily with the addition of an extra hour of having to shower and get ready all over again if my exercise isn’t right at the end of my day.  i have to allot brain time for menus, creative time for trying to use up left over foods at the end of the week so as not to be wasteful, daily kitchen clean-up time, and so much more.

i used to be caught up in the americanized “convenience” lifestyle of nuking as much prepared food as possible.  that or stuffing something in the oven or ripping open a box to make an instant meal on the stove (and eating out A LOOOT).  when i moved from this lifestyle (and i’m still learning/transitioning!) i realized how unimportant the meal ritual had become…from preparation to consuming.  i treated it like a burden almost ALL the time instead of something that we should probably all treat as sacred.  i saw that devoting time to a healthy lifestyle would be a MAJOR commitment.  so finding the motivation is absolutely key.  i just don’t see any way to half-ass this.

everyone has different motivating factors and i think we all owe it to ourselves and the people that we love to at least explore what might motivate each of us.  the first step is to give a care.  why wait for something bad to happen first?

we have to WANT to do it and find ENJOYMENT in it.  DO NOT make a healthy lifestyle a chore, but something to look forward to.  it is a POSITIVE thing in life that will only ENRICH everything about us (everything!).  but for some reason it’s waaaay too easy to focus on the fact that it can all be a time suck….which is only ONE (1!) possible negative out of all the positives.  and it’s easy to turn it into a positive with a little recognition and redirection of the thought process.  but no one can make that decision for anyone else.  we are each our own advocates and the sole caretakers of our minds and bodies.

should i ever start a family, i would want healthy habits to be second nature.  a normal established part of my life.  i would want these habits to be the basis of the habits my children would form.  when i find information regarding health and nutrition and the epidemics (diabetes, obesity, etc.) surrounding them, it inevitably segues into the growing trend of childhood diseases and disorders.  i’ve read that 20 or so years ago ADD and ADHD were so uncommon that they were not mentioned in a lot of medical journals of recognized diseases in that time.  now every other kid is medicated for it and commercials for prescription medications abound.  it’s so scary we’re coming to this.  SCARY!  why aren’t you SCARED?!  or pissed off?!

i don’t have anyone around that possesses the same conviction as me so i’m the lone wolf among my friends and family.  since it’s impossible to force change on people, i quietly lurk about waiting for an opening to plant seeds of thought 🙂


how to win an argument with a vegetarian

i thought denise’s speech was charming and funny.  of course, i don’t care what any person’s diet tendencies are (unless your staple is junk food, then you should really tackle that) but i like the logic presented here and find it in keeping with what i’ve figured out for myself so far.