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oh my gosh, i’m such a dork for feeling giddy about this!  a little backstory:  my husband and i take new chapter vitamins.  just read through their website and you’ll find they’re miles above normal vitamins.  i especially love how they say their vitamins are “supplemental food” instead of a “food supplement”.  very big distinction there.  i’m also big on taking some sort of fish oil supplement since omega oils are amazing for EVERYTHING.  i ordered new chapter’s WholeOmega fish oil only to find out that it contains sunflower oil 😦  that’s BAD oil (it’s a vegetable oil).  and if you know about vegetable oils (read deep nutrition for starters), you know that you DO NOT want to ingest them in any shape or form.  i’m sad about the WholeOmega fish oil because i really like the fact that they used WILD salmon (instead of the farmed variety).

as i started searching for a fish oil supplement without vegetable oils, i realized that they may not exist!  i’m still looking, but then i got an idea 🙂  why not ask my hero herself Dr. Cate Shanahan, author of deep nutrition?  i didn’t think she would respond since she’s writing her next book and currently moving across the country, but i thought “what the heck?”

so i went to and submitted a comment under her latest post:

i’m extremely excited at the prospect of having a recipe book to accompany all of the teachings in Deep Nutrition! best of luck with your move. i am curious about your take on supplements, namely fish oils. i take NewChapter vitamins which i love. but after i received their WholeOmega fish oil i found that it contained sunflower oil. my subsequent searches show that vegetable oils are so common! i was wondering if you supplement with fish oil and if so, which kind do you use? if not, is there a vegetable oil-free wild-fish oil that you know of? thanks!

and she responded today!!!!


I am not good at supplement recommendations because there are so many brands and its so hard to find out exactly what’s in them and I just don’t have the time, Sorry!

I can tell you that raw cream from pastured cows contains as much omega-3 as most fish, and it has the added benefit of CLA which fish oil does not have.

Also, as long as you get the secret-trans fat/MegaTrans fat out of your diet, you (adults) can elongate short chain omega 3 from flax/walnuts and ordinary raw seeds into long chain.

i’m WAAAAAY too excited about this!  i re-read the section in her book about MegaTrans just last night which is such a weird coincidence.  since i can’t buy raw dairy in my state, i’ll just stick to keeping the MegaTrans away and keep eating my flax and nuts!   golly, her science-speak makes me smile.