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oh my gosh, i’m such a dork for feeling giddy about this!  a little backstory:  my husband and i take new chapter vitamins.  just read through their website and you’ll find they’re miles above normal vitamins.  i especially love how they say their vitamins are “supplemental food” instead of a “food supplement”.  very big distinction there.  i’m also big on taking some sort of fish oil supplement since omega oils are amazing for EVERYTHING.  i ordered new chapter’s WholeOmega fish oil only to find out that it contains sunflower oil 😦  that’s BAD oil (it’s a vegetable oil).  and if you know about vegetable oils (read deep nutrition for starters), you know that you DO NOT want to ingest them in any shape or form.  i’m sad about the WholeOmega fish oil because i really like the fact that they used WILD salmon (instead of the farmed variety).

as i started searching for a fish oil supplement without vegetable oils, i realized that they may not exist!  i’m still looking, but then i got an idea 🙂  why not ask my hero herself Dr. Cate Shanahan, author of deep nutrition?  i didn’t think she would respond since she’s writing her next book and currently moving across the country, but i thought “what the heck?”

so i went to and submitted a comment under her latest post:

i’m extremely excited at the prospect of having a recipe book to accompany all of the teachings in Deep Nutrition! best of luck with your move. i am curious about your take on supplements, namely fish oils. i take NewChapter vitamins which i love. but after i received their WholeOmega fish oil i found that it contained sunflower oil. my subsequent searches show that vegetable oils are so common! i was wondering if you supplement with fish oil and if so, which kind do you use? if not, is there a vegetable oil-free wild-fish oil that you know of? thanks!

and she responded today!!!!


I am not good at supplement recommendations because there are so many brands and its so hard to find out exactly what’s in them and I just don’t have the time, Sorry!

I can tell you that raw cream from pastured cows contains as much omega-3 as most fish, and it has the added benefit of CLA which fish oil does not have.

Also, as long as you get the secret-trans fat/MegaTrans fat out of your diet, you (adults) can elongate short chain omega 3 from flax/walnuts and ordinary raw seeds into long chain.

i’m WAAAAAY too excited about this!  i re-read the section in her book about MegaTrans just last night which is such a weird coincidence.  since i can’t buy raw dairy in my state, i’ll just stick to keeping the MegaTrans away and keep eating my flax and nuts!   golly, her science-speak makes me smile.


yum yum yogurt shop

i currently live in a super tiny town.  i moved to this tiny town last year from another tiny town.  in my old town, they have a natural foods shop called “act natural” that i visited for items not carried at wal-mart (this was during my short-lived healthy kick.  it’s sticking this time!).  so i held out hope that my current, seemingly smaller town would have a little health foods store i could keep in business.

i recently found a gem by the name of yum yum.  even though everyone seems to go there for the sugary self-serve yogurt, yum yum can count on me to stalk the shelves of overlooked healthy items.

after reading so many healthy lifestyle blogs that talked about ezekiel bread, chia seeds, nut butters, almond flours, and so much more i realized i might be ordering all my food online :(.  when i finally stopped by yum yum, i almost had a seizure.  it’s definitely small, but it has VARIETY.  i found all sort of flours, chia seeds, body products, tahini, you name it.  i was in heaven.  HOWEVER, i did not know exactly how heavenly this place is until i finally made it towards the back of the store where they have one fridge and one freezer section.  they. have. ezekiel. bread.  i almost cried.  they even have ezekiel hamburger and hot dog buns.  i had no need for bread at the time, but i bought a loaf because i was afraid the stockpile would vanish as soon as i turned around.

i love you, sprouted grains.

if you’ve read deep nutrition, you’ll know all about how sprouted grains are better for you than plain whole grains.  the act of sprouting the grain releases bound up nutrition that would normally pass right through us.  since carbs are such empty calories, why not go sprouted and get more nutritional bang for your buck?  and this bread tastes so hearty and satisfying.  i mainly got it so i wouldn’t have to make my husband go cold-turkey off the carbs.  little does he know, i’m slowly weaning him off carbs 🙂  not completely, but it needs to not be the staple in our diet that it has been.  when we get the urge, i know i can quickly grab some ezekiel at yum yum!

one last thing, i tasted kombucha juice for the first time.  and wow, did it suck.  i’ve been dying to try it forever (not even really knowing what it is).  i scooped it up when i saw it and before my first sip i read the label.  and it scared me.  it says “organic, raw, probiotic green tea”.  so it’s got microbes and it’s fermented.  sounds gross.  in the words of my husband:  whoa, this junk smells like vinegar.  i forced a few gulps since it was $4.00 and figured i got enough probiotics in my system to do some good…then it got trashed.

big negative

and this is just me eventually getting side-tracked by my baking soda, oatmeal, yogurt, coconut oil-loving skin

oatmeal–in your face!

i got so excited about my coconut oil revelation that i scoured the web last night to find foods i could use to cleanse my face.  i basically came up with an oatmeal and baking soda (wonder material again!) scrub/mask.  my attempt was meager.  most information i came across suggested ground oatmeal but it was late and i had already cleaned and shut down the kitchen for the night.  so i didn’t want to bring out my blender to pulverize some oatmeal.  i decided to use oatmeal with the smallest pieces, which is quick-cooking (and yes, i have quick-cooking, regular rolled, and steel cut).

in true granola girl fashion

i made a paste at the sink of a lil oatmeal, a lil baking soda, and some water.  then scrub scrub scrub.  it smelled great but kept falling off my face in chunks (you know, due to the chunky oatmeal) which was a little cumbersome and messy.  so today i’ll be pulverizing some oatmeal 🙂  my skin surprisingly felt incredibly clean afterwards and i was so excited to be doing something kind to my skin (and INEXPENSIVE).

but it doesn’t stop there!  as if i can’t tout it enough:  in deep nutrition dr. cate suggests that “as good as modern cosmetics may be, they lack the secret ingredient of their aboriginal counterparts:  probiotics.”  after finding some information that supports yogurt as a great face mask, i was completely convinced that the tub o’ probiotics in my fridge was going on my face.  and on it went and happy was i.

i CANNOT find full-fat yogurt in my's amazing i can even get organic

i believe the probiotics will also help with acne since these microbes work with our bodies to destroy bacteria that may cause us harm.  they want us healthy because it keeps them healthy 🙂  i think after a week of doing the oatmeal/baking soda/yogurt routine i’ll chuck the proactiv cleanser (so long as things keep going smoothly) and be completely free of those harsh synthetics.

it makes me shake my head to realize that the most beneficial things i can put on my skin were already sitting in my pantry and fridge.  no $60 spent on a special tube of something-or-other.  talk about multipurposeness!

i do want to point out that i believe this new face cleansing routine is working because i’m also eating a very whole, unprocessed, organic diet with lots of fats, grass-fed cage-free meats and eggs.  and also more veggies than i’ve ever consumed in my life and almost no sugar (basically i’m getting i wallop of nutrition i never got before).  only when i started noticing my skin behaving better from my diet did i dare venture to use natural ingredients on my face.

fyi:  coconut oil is an AWESOME makeup remover.

i made chicken stock all day yesterday and threw together a vegetable and chicken soup today

i also roasted tomatoes for 2 hours today and made this tomato caprese salad...tasted like CAN-DAY!

saturated fats

i LOVE butter.  my parents used to play around with me as a kid and hand me a stick of butter when i wanted a snack.  har har har.  i cut it out of my life for years (minus when i would fall off the “wagon” and splurge).  but i have brought it back with a vengeance.  meaning that it makes a daily appearance in my food usually while cooking.

this is a typical breakfast:  egg omelette with asparagus, baby spinach, sharp cheddar, and cooked in BUTTAH.

i’ve read a few books and articles about the comeback of saturated fats and how the alternatives (mainly trans fats) are making us probably the most unhealthy we’ve ever been.  there are all kinds of super scary facts out there for the viewing about how trans fats wreak havoc on every part of our bodies and how prevalent this fat actually is.  if you want a wallop of easily digestible information about this, read deep nutrition.

through the years, a couple things i’ve heard have stuck with me:  trans fats are bad and they’re in fast food.  we should chuck the margarine and stick with plain old butter because butter is better.

but what are trans fats?  what do they really do to us?  what is the difference between margarine and butter?  but butter is all fat and aren’t we supposed to be avoiding that???  things get really confusing really fast.  that’s why i think people should really take an important initiative and educate themselves.  scour the web and other resources and find what’s out there.  i was shocked and horrified by the things i’ve found out.  and i’m still looking…

most of all, i was confused by a lot of contradictory claims (still am, as a matter of fact).  but yesterday, i got my issue of TIME and the front page practically said “FOR SARAH”:

the article was written by dr. mehmet oz (of oprah fame).  his “you: on a diet” was one of the first nutrition books i read that really spoke to me.  from this book, the main points i carried with me were to avoid sugars as much as possible, get rid of trans fats, and eat whole unprocessed foods.  however, dr. oz also touts that saturated fats are bad and should be avoided along with trans fats.  but dr. cate’s deep nutrition practically glorifies saturated fat by the very definition that it’s “saturated” and can’t be changed into evil things through the process of heating and such (unsaturated and trans fats have “holes” because they aren’t fully saturated and this causes them to be unstable.  they combine with other things to create life-depriving specimens within our bodies).  i really like the approach that dr. oz and dr. cate take on nutrition but i don’t like how they seem to butt heads on saturated fats.

but in the TIME article written by dr. oz, he seems to be swinging towards the “saturated fats are not so bad” bandwagon.  which makes me HAP-PAY!

want to get healthy?  then forget about diet soda and low-fat foods.  instead, tuck into some eggs, whole milk, salt, fat, nuts, wine, chocolate and coffee.

and this was the clincher for me:

bad fats generally include saturated fats (found in animal products), trans fats (found in hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils) and their cousin cholesterol (found in egg yolks, meats and dairy products).  even this general grouping, however, can be misleading: new research is finding that some saturated fats (like those found in coconut oil) may actually be good for you and that dietary cholesterol may not affect blood cholesterol as much as we once thought.  the only fat that is universally accepted as bad is trans fat…

dr. oz’s book was published in 2006 and since then, a revised version has come out (2009).  so i’m wondering if his new perspective is reflected in the new version.  anyway, it makes me glad that two doctors i respect seem to creeping up on the same page.

i would like to point out that i have heard bad things about trans fats and sugars throughout my life.  but i would still eat these things fairly regularly (like A LOT of people i know).  it wasn’t until i started actively researching on my own that i found information that brought me to my knees.  i recommend dr. cate’s book all the time because it is a good launching point to begin searching for answers.  motivation only came to me when i was hit with truths and were so ugly and yet so applicable to things i have been through.  i’m not just talking about yo-yo dieting.  i’m talking about failed pregnancies and fertility issues, being taken advantage of by the medical system, acne, being a “late bloomer”, seeing the people i love suffer with preventable and easily fixable health issues, and SO SO SO much more.  it’s not enough to tell people to get rid of or add things to their diets if they have no idea why or how devastating and far-reaching the effects can be.  basically, it comes down to FIND YOUR MOTIVATION.  and being skinny is NOT enough.  dr. cate‘s book has a slurry of motivating reasons.  when one of them knocks you to the ground, keep plowing.

more delicious libations

in an effort to rid my diet of all the excessive sugar i had unknowingly been consuming, i’ve been trying out different things with my liquid loves:

in the mornings i still have 2 cups of coffee 🙂

plain coffee with coconut milk

at night i’ve been drinking hot (whole & organic) milk (a la when you were a kid).  i heard a long time ago that it was a natural sleep aid.  and it’s got good belly-filling fat for those late night snack attacks.

heated milk with cinnamon and vanilla bean

i’ve always known that sugar is an important thing to cut out of our diets (the same with a lot of people, i bet), but nothing has struck me harder with cold truths than reading this:

welcome back (to me)

helloooooo, again!  (check out the updated about page)

really glad to get this blog going.  i’m praying for consistency, devotion, creativity, and honesty.  good. luck. to. me.

i will start by saying that i’ve cleaned up my act in the past few months using those ever-elusive and magical ingredients that make for a trim bod, endless energy, and a fluffy helping of good well-being:  exercise and good nutrition.

i lost my grip on these things early in the year due to being manhandled by the medical and hospital system (which i may go into when i feel like it).  but i found something that helped me get my perspective back—> Deep Nutrition by Catherine Shanahan.  i will definitely have a lot to say about this book in the near and probably far future.  in the meantime, you should just get a copy and read it so you can have a lot to say, too.  if you personally know me and i’ve tried to force feed you this book, my apologies (but you should really get crackin’!).

if you’re the one reader who popped in on my blog throughout the last year, bless you.  i’m glad to finally be giving you some new material.

i finished off my last piece of salmon the other day.  check out this glorious lunch:

s&p, olive oil, and mustard...yes indeedy