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more delicious libations

in an effort to rid my diet of all the excessive sugar i had unknowingly been consuming, i’ve been trying out different things with my liquid loves:

in the mornings i still have 2 cups of coffee 🙂

plain coffee with coconut milk

at night i’ve been drinking hot (whole & organic) milk (a la when you were a kid).  i heard a long time ago that it was a natural sleep aid.  and it’s got good belly-filling fat for those late night snack attacks.

heated milk with cinnamon and vanilla bean

i’ve always known that sugar is an important thing to cut out of our diets (the same with a lot of people, i bet), but nothing has struck me harder with cold truths than reading this:


changing it up

i’ve gotten into the habit of drinking a cup of coffee every morning since i have to “go” to work at 7am.  since i finished my bag of dunkin’ donuts coffee, i decided to try some less expensive but more exciting vanilla biscotti folgers.  it’s day 2 of this vanilla perfection and i’m not regretting it:

i have 2 more chances to make banana soft serve but i have run out of peanut butter!  i’m not scared because look what i found:

and you can bet i will still be adding the chocolate chunks 🙂

delicious libations

last night i cooled things off before bed with a glass of pansy red wine–in a wine glass that was gifted by my college roommate Meredith on my 21st birthday.  which is also when i experienced (and practically gagged on) my first sip of wine/alcohol since i was uberly morally righteous back then (ok, maybe i still am, a little, but i am FAR less judgemental).

and this morning i began the day with a beautiful cup of coffee in my beautiful mug.  because when you have to start getting up before the sun, you should just drink coffee.

did you have a lovely morning?