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white chocolate

it’s almost disgraceful.  being the dark chocolate lover that i am.  but i started taking notice that the chocolate i consume of late has gotten whiter…without any transition whatsoever–i just skipped over milk chocolate.  i feel no remorse because these items have taken me to glorious places:

couldn't have named it better myself

pairs unbelievably well with Vanilla Biscotti Folgers


changing it up

i’ve gotten into the habit of drinking a cup of coffee every morning since i have to “go” to work at 7am.  since i finished my bag of dunkin’ donuts coffee, i decided to try some less expensive but more exciting vanilla biscotti folgers.  it’s day 2 of this vanilla perfection and i’m not regretting it:

i have 2 more chances to make banana soft serve but i have run out of peanut butter!  i’m not scared because look what i found:

and you can bet i will still be adding the chocolate chunks 🙂


(all thanks to some grocery shopping last night!)

for lunch i had a grown-up lunchables that included a tiny Toblerone:

totally brought back Christmas memories when mom used to buy big bricks of it 🙂

and walmart did something right when they created these single-serving ice cream cups complete with toppings:

the quality is there…amazingly enough.  it is a “great value” indeed for only 88 cents.

finally, my choco-CAT is now filled with choco-LAT!  wonka dark chocolate to be exact:








thank goodness for tiny chocolate pleasures 🙂

what made you happy today?