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welcome back (to me)

helloooooo, again!  (check out the updated about page)

really glad to get this blog going.  i’m praying for consistency, devotion, creativity, and honesty.  good. luck. to. me.

i will start by saying that i’ve cleaned up my act in the past few months using those ever-elusive and magical ingredients that make for a trim bod, endless energy, and a fluffy helping of good well-being:  exercise and good nutrition.

i lost my grip on these things early in the year due to being manhandled by the medical and hospital system (which i may go into when i feel like it).  but i found something that helped me get my perspective back—> Deep Nutrition by Catherine Shanahan.  i will definitely have a lot to say about this book in the near and probably far future.  in the meantime, you should just get a copy and read it so you can have a lot to say, too.  if you personally know me and i’ve tried to force feed you this book, my apologies (but you should really get crackin’!).

if you’re the one reader who popped in on my blog throughout the last year, bless you.  i’m glad to finally be giving you some new material.

i finished off my last piece of salmon the other day.  check out this glorious lunch:

s&p, olive oil, and mustard...yes indeedy


i am number four by pittacus lore

archimedes is awesome.  he has put me back in a reading groove.  i’ve just finished “i am number four”.  i think being able to read while on the treadmill has contributed to my finishing so quickly.  i’m able to adjust the size of the font so i can still read while bobbing up and down 🙂  one of the many wonders.

i quite enjoyed this book.  basically, there are 9 alien children sent to earth because their planet was destroyed by another alien race, the Mogadorians.  the 9 aliens are from Lorien and have to grow up on earth honing their superpowers while blending in since they are being hunted by said Mogadorians.  their ultimate goal is to return to Lorien and restore their planet.  we are following along with “number 4” or “john”.  the first three have been killed.

i kept feeling the longing and loneliness of john’s nomadic life.  he travels with his keeper, henri.  and henri, you the man.  when they finally settle in Ohio and develop real relationships, the stakes are higher.  the entire story is shrouded in captivating mystery.  i appreciated that there was so much explanation and history given without feeling like it was shoved down my throat.  inevitably, john and henri are tracked by the Mogadorians and a showdown ensues.  it’s not over the top but it doesn’t disappoint.  strangely enough, the story is written in such a normal way given the subject matter.  which i really appreciate.  the teenagers cuss (without being crude or vulgar), they make out, they drink at parties while mom and dad are gone.  and none of these things ever overshadow the actual story.  it’s like the author didn’t pander to a specific crowd and i like that.

and…there are casualties.  😦  i’m grateful because it makes for a great story but it’s devastating all the same.  anyway, well done!  i do want to mention that one of my favorite characters is Bernie Kosar, an amazing beagle that rocks my world.

the ending is torturous because i can’t wait for the next one!  and i found out that they made a movie already! (????)  it’s being released next year! (wha?!!?!)