things that make me happy in this silly world


it’s so easy to become consumed with things that bring us down.  i say RECOGNIZE the things that make us happy everyday and become immersed in them.  the bad times will pass but there is joy to be found in every single day.

accept that this is perfectly true and enjoy your beautiful life!

after pulling through a few speed bumps in life, i’ve been able to sort through some of the riffraff to find a few gems that make me truly happy.  one of them is fitness.  i have been a proponent of a healthy lifestyle for a while now.  my family and some close friends will attest to that by saying something like “oh yeah, sarah likes tofu and other weird kinda stuff” (although i’ve just come off the tofu, thankyouverymuch).

though i go through ups and downs like everyone else, i always make sure that healthfulness is at the equilibrium of my balancing act.  when no one is perfect, i think it’s the most reasonable goal we can all have.

i’ll admit that i first thought about eating healthily and exercising as a means to lose weight.  but as life thew me some curve balls, the vanity subsided and i leaned on being healthy as a source of comfort, strength, mental and emotional stability, accomplishment, and self-esteem.  i made a promise to myself to always attempt to be the best possible person i can be–inside and out.

being healthy is an ever-changing process for me since life isn’t static.  as i continue to learn more, i try new things and see if they work for me.  currently, my exercise of choice is running and my diet is mostly whole unprocessed foods with little sugar.  instead of promoting one specific lifestyle or habit, i hope anyone reading this will simply find some inspiration to start a journey for themselves to find out what health means to them and to discover what works best for them.  after all, some of my biggest inspiration has come from other blogs and people fearless and generous enough to share their stories.

aside from fitness, another big love of mine is books.  i had a previous meager and erratic attempt at a book blog.  but it died a neglectful death.  turns out i just like to read books more than i like to write about them.  but if any in particular rock my socks, they will most likely get an honorable mention.  in fact, anything that puts a smile on my face will be fair game.  this is happynesses 🙂


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