things that make me happy in this silly world

yum yum yogurt shop

i currently live in a super tiny town.  i moved to this tiny town last year from another tiny town.  in my old town, they have a natural foods shop called “act natural” that i visited for items not carried at wal-mart (this was during my short-lived healthy kick.  it’s sticking this time!).  so i held out hope that my current, seemingly smaller town would have a little health foods store i could keep in business.

i recently found a gem by the name of yum yum.  even though everyone seems to go there for the sugary self-serve yogurt, yum yum can count on me to stalk the shelves of overlooked healthy items.

after reading so many healthy lifestyle blogs that talked about ezekiel bread, chia seeds, nut butters, almond flours, and so much more i realized i might be ordering all my food online :(.  when i finally stopped by yum yum, i almost had a seizure.  it’s definitely small, but it has VARIETY.  i found all sort of flours, chia seeds, body products, tahini, you name it.  i was in heaven.  HOWEVER, i did not know exactly how heavenly this place is until i finally made it towards the back of the store where they have one fridge and one freezer section.  they. have. ezekiel. bread.  i almost cried.  they even have ezekiel hamburger and hot dog buns.  i had no need for bread at the time, but i bought a loaf because i was afraid the stockpile would vanish as soon as i turned around.

i love you, sprouted grains.

if you’ve read deep nutrition, you’ll know all about how sprouted grains are better for you than plain whole grains.  the act of sprouting the grain releases bound up nutrition that would normally pass right through us.  since carbs are such empty calories, why not go sprouted and get more nutritional bang for your buck?  and this bread tastes so hearty and satisfying.  i mainly got it so i wouldn’t have to make my husband go cold-turkey off the carbs.  little does he know, i’m slowly weaning him off carbs 🙂  not completely, but it needs to not be the staple in our diet that it has been.  when we get the urge, i know i can quickly grab some ezekiel at yum yum!

one last thing, i tasted kombucha juice for the first time.  and wow, did it suck.  i’ve been dying to try it forever (not even really knowing what it is).  i scooped it up when i saw it and before my first sip i read the label.  and it scared me.  it says “organic, raw, probiotic green tea”.  so it’s got microbes and it’s fermented.  sounds gross.  in the words of my husband:  whoa, this junk smells like vinegar.  i forced a few gulps since it was $4.00 and figured i got enough probiotics in my system to do some good…then it got trashed.

big negative

and this is just me eventually getting side-tracked by my baking soda, oatmeal, yogurt, coconut oil-loving skin


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